Best Game Design

Shu’s Garden

Publisher Crafted Reveries Limited Developer Colin Sanders & Jason RT Bond Development Province ON ESRB N/A Released 03/20/2014 Platform Android, iPad, iPhone Official Site Shu’s Garden is a relaxing sandbox game for all ages. You control Shu, a bouncy space...

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Eets Munchies

Publisher Klei Entertainment Inc. Developer Klei Entertainment Inc. Development Province BC ESRB N/A Released 03/11/2014 Platform iPad, PC Official Site Eets Munchies is a re-imagining of the award-winning puzzle game by Klei Entertainment. Featuring gorgeous animation and ridiculous creatures, players...

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MEG RVO – Battle of the Territories

Publisher Apple iTunes Developer Skunkwerks Kinetic Industries Development Province BC ESRB E10+ … Everyone 10+ Released 07/31/2014 Platform iPad Official Site Skunkwerks Kinetic Industries (SKI) is a new project launched by the founders of Vancouver-based Skunkwerks Software in...

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Publisher Adrenaline Developer Sarbakan Development Province QC ESRB E … Everyone Released 06/20/2014 Platform Android, iPad, iPhone Official Site It all starts with an egg. Gently tap on the shell and watch your very own pet dragon hatch before your...

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